Friday, November 9, 2012

Pizza, but no party :(

Not a good day at Dad's today, despite the fact that it was pizza day and Dad was in a good mood. Sis and I arrived bearing four large pizzas for the residents in Memory Care (MC) only to find the dining room torn apart for floor cleaning: the chairs pulled out of the room, the vacuum running, a mop and pail standing nearby. Um, pizza party, guys. Remember? The second Friday of every month? Always at three p.m.?

The MC supervisor was off today so there were only two aides on the floor. This is never a good thing when you have sixteen residents in the unit. Many of these residents need two people to assist them when they go to the bathroom, which means the other fifteen residents are left on their own for long periods of time. Today was no different.

Sis and I watched (and assisted) one very frail woman who was repeatedly trying to get out of her wheelchair. If she had succeeded, she would have been badly hurt as she cannot stand on her own. If we hadn't been there to help her, what might have happened? Dad also tried to get up and walk on his own because he needed to use the restroom, but we were able to keep him in his chair until we got help. All told, there was probably a good hour there where no one was available to check on the residents in the dining room.

These things happen a lot and yet management will tell you that there is no need for another aide on the floor in the MC unit. They are meeting the requirements set forth by the state and that is sufficient to them.

It's not sufficient to us, nor to the other family members we talk to. But how do you make a corporation -- or for that matter, the state -- listen?

Yep, a frustrating day all around. One of many.

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