Tuesday, January 8, 2013

RIP Mary

Mary and her daughter, Elaine.
Friendships are inevitable when you see the same people time after time. So it is with the other residents and their family members that we see when we visit Dad. Sometimes, the friendships are deep, born of shared experiences, shared frustrations, shared fears. Such was the case with Elaine and her mother, Mary.

This picture was taken just last week. Mary had been slipping, her frail 83-year-old body grown too tired to carry on much longer. She had fallen days before and the bruising was still quite apparent on her lovely face.

Mary passed away last Friday. We had been in to visit Dad that day, saw Mary and Elaine, saw the knowledge in Elaine's eyes that her Mom's time was short. It was later that evening when she slipped away.

I'll miss Mary. She was a lovely, dignified, woman, who  -- when she felt up to it -- would smile and hold your hand, and kiss people who were nice to her. I can recall a number of times I left the residence with her lipstick kisses still on my cheek.

Godspeed to Elaine and her family. Your Mom was a beautiful spirit. I'm so glad to have known her...and you. xoxo

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