Monday, March 25, 2013

Gone Too Soon

Julia, with her daughter, Pat.
It goes without saying that there aren't a lot of upsides to being on this Alzheimer's walk. But, without a doubt, the residents and their families that have become a part of our lives because of this journey are among them. As comrades-in-arms, we bond quickly and support each other in the trenches.

I've written before about Mary and her daughter, Elaine, both of whom we grew to love. Sadly, Mary is no longer with us, but they are both still in our hearts.

Another mother/daughter duo we've grown to love is Julia and her daughter, Pat. Julia, like my Dad, is a resident in the Memory Care Unit. She's a tiny, delightful lady who doesn't talk much, but oh, her eyes speak volumes! She's especially fond of my sister, Sue, and when Sue is around, Julia's eyes follow her everywhere.

Sis, with Julia.
We learned today that Dad's roommate, George, passed away over the weekend. This is the hardest part of learning to love these new friends. We lose them much, much too soon. And it always hurts. Still, I wouldn't miss having known them, not for anything.

RIP, George, and much love and prayers to your family.

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