Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Days, and a Video

Still looks like a Marine, doesn't he.
After many weeks of Dad not doing so well, he finally had a really great day last week. Two of them, in fact. Last Wednesday and Friday when Sis and I visited, Dad was really perky. He ate well, wasn't as sleepy as he has been, communicated pretty well, and was joking around. It was so good to see that spark alive again, even if it's only temporary.

Love seeing this smile.
His appetite has been going downhill lately, but last week he was eating like his old self. On Wednesday, we took him a milkshake and hamburger from McDonald's. He ate both, plus his regular lunch, *and* a package of Tastykakes. On Friday, we took him a cheeseburger and a blizzard from Dairy Queen. He ate both, plus his lunch. It's so good to see him eat! Dad doesn't have many pleasures left in life, and food was always a big thing for him, so it's heartwarming when he's able to enjoy his food. Plus, he's been losing weight, so the more we can get him to eat, the better.

Dad enjoying his burger.
I shot some video of Dad while we visited with him. As you'll see, the ice cream triggers memories about ice cream floats, which were always a favorite with Dad. (We're taking in root beer and ice cream this coming Wednesday and having an ice cream float party in the Memory Care unit for Dad and the other residents.Yum! Dad's not the only one who loves them, lol.) You'll also see, however, that in spite of Dad having good days, the Alzheimer's is never far away. At the end of the video, Dad has great difficulty finding his mouth with the straw in his drink. The same thing happens with eating utensils. His hand-eye coordination is no longer reliable, and he often forgets how to eat and drink. And he can be fine one minute, then forget the next.

Alzheimer's is such a bewildering disease. :(

Some days Dad can walk; some days he
can't. This was a good day.

(Sorry about all the background noise in the video. It was a hectic day in Memory Care.)

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