Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful for the sun, but...

What joy a little bit of sunshine can bring!

Sis and I had a lovely visit with Dad yesterday. The weather was so nice that we spent a good part of our visit in the courtyard just outside of the Memory Care facility. The three of us sat with several of the other residents and, while Dad napped in the sun, we chatted and enjoyed the day. What a joy the elderly can be when we take the time to listen and engage with them.

We had a bit of a downer when we were leaving, however, as the MC supervisor informed us that because Dad has been so active lately (i.e., able to get up out of his chair and walk freely, putting himself at risk of falling because he's unsteady) that we either a) have to hire someone to supplement their caregivers to keep an eye on him, or b) face having to move him to a different facility.

Now, we are paying top dollar at this facility. We *thought* we were paying for just this kind of care. (Yes, we *know* he needs constant supervision. That's *why* he's at your facility in the first place!)

But evidently, all we are really doing is paying for room and board. Really, really expensive room and board.

Looks like we'll have to check out the contract to see what it says. The last thing we want to do is move Dad. At this stage of the game, it would be very hard on him.

Sometimes I really hate that corporations have so much say in the care of our loved ones. Corporations don't have hearts. They just have contracts.

Sis and Dad enjoying the lovely Spring day

Dad, getting sleepy in the sun


Thank you for sharing this journey with us.