Friday, August 2, 2013

For Their Sake

If we don't look out for their health and well being, who will?

Unlike nursing homes that have stringent government oversight, assisted living facilities are monitored by the states, many of whom have very minimal requirements. In Pennsylvania, only two aides are required by state regulations for up to 16 dementia/Alzheimer's patients. This is a population that wanders, that needs assistance going to the bathroom, assistance to eat, assistance to get dressed. If one aide is helping someone go to the bathroom, and one aide is helping someone eat lunch, who's watching the other 14 residents and making sure they are safe?

We need to work for stronger oversight and regulations on the state level in order to protect our loved ones. For their sake.

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  1. I keep my mom home I know that's not possible for many I'm thankful I can go to work and have someone stay with her in her own home she is totally unable to do anything for herself in this state of mind she has end stage Alzheimer's / dementia


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