Saturday, September 28, 2013

Alzheimer's: It's never boring

One thing about Alzheimer's: it is never boring.

Dad's at a place where his behavior can be very unpredictable. When I visited Friday, the aides told me that he'd been very agitated the Tuesday before, angry because people weren't "doing their jobs," talking about court martials (yes, I know it should be courts martial, but seriously...who says that???), and generally being very bossy. On Friday, however, he was as docile as a lamb.

In the first video below, we chatted about little things. You can see how his speech is convoluted: sometimes he speaks with ease, sometimes he can't come up with the right words, and sometimes it all comes out as gibberish. We have long periods of silence these days, where once he would have talked my ears off.

He also fixates on a topic. It can be anything under the sun. Once it was tires. Three hours worth! Friday it was his teeth.

In the second video, one of the aides had just asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom. He said no. She is trying to redirect him to get him to go with her and had just said, "Come on, Harold. I want you to run somewhere with me."  (Catch his use of the word "jurisdiction"! Where did that come from??)

"If I fall and faint, drag me in."

Like I said, Alzheimer's is never boring.

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