Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weary Angel Bracelet giveaway!

As I've said before, caregivers are earthly angels, and too often they walk a solitary path. My painting, "Weary Angel", is dedicated to caregivers. She's tired and worn, yet she looks to the heavens: it's all about hope, and love.

Wednesday, September 25th is my birthday and I'm celebrating by offering two of these Weary Angel bracelets as prizes in a giveaway. They are made by Cafe Press for Briarwood Studio and feature the Weary Angel. If you are a caregiver, or you have a special one in your life, please enter the giveaway as a chance to win this reminder that you/they are *never* alone.

There were two reasons I started this blog: one, to chronicle my Dad's journey for family and friends that wanted to keep up with how he was doing, and two, to help raise awareness about Alzheimer's. Someday it will be as visible (and fought against) as cancer, but that day has not yet arrived.

The Daily Goodbye's companion page on Facebook has almost 1,400 followers! Sadly, though, this blog does not. *grin* If we can get the blog's number of followers up, it will be easier for people to find us through the search engines. And that's a good thing for awareness. So let's get those numbers up, shall we?

 Here's how to enter:

1. If you're not already following, please follow this blog, The Daily Goodbyes.

2. If you can't follow the blog for some reason, put a link to it on your Facebook page and ask people to visit/follow. Use this link: http://thedailygoodbyes.com

3. If you do *both* of the above, you'll get two chances at winning!

After you do one or both of the above, you must comment either here or on the The Daily Goodbyes Facebook page to let me know that you've done it. If you don't comment, your name won't be entered in the drawing.

The contest will close Saturday evening at midnight ET (9 p.m. Pacific). The winners will be announced Sunday evening.

I appreciate your help. I look forward to finding out who our two winners will be!


  1. Very pretty bracelet; love the story of the Weary Angel looking for her own help, upwards, when she feels a bit weary. I will try to follow the blog; stumbled across it tonight and am refreshed. Keep the faith; keep smiling for your dear, dear Dad!

    1. Thanks for visiting, wreineking, and thanks for the compliment on my angel. She's very special to me. <3


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