Thursday, November 7, 2013

Goodbye, Christina

Dad and Christina.
How is it possible that the young woman I wrote about a couple of months ago here on Dad's blog, and the young woman who was killed in the parking lot of an apartment complex here in my town yesterday morning, are the same woman?

How can that even be?

Christina was one of my father's favorite aides at the Assisted Living facility where he lives. She worked in Memory Care and she took such good care of him. We loved her for that. When she took another job because it paid better, we were sad to see her go, but wished her well. How could we not? She had treated Dad with such gentleness, such caring.

She had been so kind to us, too, my sister and I. And she made us laugh. I'll never forget the time she told us about Dad asking her, this beautiful young woman of color, if she were a slave. (It was the Alzheimer's talking, and she knew that.)

"I told him, 'No, Harold, I'm a free woman'," she said with a laugh. "And it made your Dad so happy."

And now she's gone.

Gone? How, in God's name, is that even possible?

I need answers, but there are none. Only a deep sense of loss...and tears.

Christina was young (only 23), vibrant, full of life. I wish I had one last chance to tell her again how much her kindness to my Dad meant to us, how much easier she made it because we knew she was looking out for him.

I hugged her the last time I saw her. I hope she knew how very much I meant it. I hope, whatever she suffered at the end, she's now at peace.

You will be remembered, Christina, with gratitude and love. Thank you.


  1. so, so sorry for this additional loss. You and Sue are in my thoughts today, and your dad as well. Ginnie

    1. That is so beautiful! I remember her telling me that story we laughed so hard it was so funny.

  2. Yes, the caregivers we take so for granted. I loved the quote on your sidebar and just worked it into my video, a meditation on the was perfect for the end. this is very relaxing and previous version I play frequently at Mom's nursing home.

  3. That was the best cry I have had since this all happened on Wednesday. I met Christina a short time ago, when she started at the prison. We became friends instantly and I saw the same things you saw in her. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. I will miss her dearly, just as your father will. The world needs more Christinas, many, many more.

  4. I went to college with her. she was always smiling and making people laugh. sad to see those you love go :(


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