Friday, December 13, 2013

Not Quite So Merry This Year

Me and Dad. He always seems
to look tired these days.
Dad's world is shrinking again. Sis and I attended Memory Care's holiday party for residents and family on December 6th. It was bittersweet. I don't think Dad has any concept anymore what "Christmas" or "holiday" means. The hustle and bustle of the party only served to make him uncomfortable and, like last year, he worried that all the noise would bother the neighbors. The live music, even the carols, were nothing more than a distraction to him. By the time the party was over (around 7:00) he was completely done in and ready for bed.

He does have his moments, though, and can still make us laugh. When Santa arrived at the party and we pointed him out to Dad, his comment was, "Good, tell him to come to my house."

The next day was the annual Holiday Craft and Bake sale at the assisted living facility (the proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association) and I was there with a
Me, Sis, and Dad
vendor table. Mary, Dad's companion three days a week, brought him out to visit with me while she did a little shopping. Afterwards, she bought him a hot dog, which he promptly gobbled down. It tasted so good, he asked for another. It was good to watch him getting enjoyment out of such a simple treat.

It's hard to grasp that Dad will never "celebrate" another holiday or momentous occasion. To him, now, they are just ordinary days.

And I do recognize that it's *me* that is finding this difficult, not him. He can't miss what he can't remember.

But I can.

Dad still loves a good hot dog.

Dad's roommate, Al, and his daughter, Cathy, at the
Christmas Party.


  1. Oh Cia, my heart aches for you. I can only imagine how very tough this must be to deal with. The only comfort would be knowing that he is not suffering and finding things difficult. Unfortunately you and your sister are. Thinking of you during this hard time.
    Love and prayers,
    Kyles xo

    1. Thank you, Kylie. I so appreciate your kind comments. They mean the world. xoxo


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