Saturday, March 1, 2014

Braving the Arctic Weather

I've mentioned before that Dad is having a hard time staying warm this winter. Since he can't have a heating pad or hot water bottle (it's too easy for sensitive, elderly skin to burn), I bought him a beanie, hoping that it might keep his head warm.

Took it to him on Friday and the reaction was mixed. At first, he wanted no part of it. But after I explained that it might keep him warmer, and he could even wear it to bed if he wanted, he seemed to reconsider. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed!

Treading carefully, we are *not*
in the best of moods.

Dad wasn't in a good mood when I arrived on Friday. He was talking up a storm -- to no one in particular -- in the dining room. He was refusing to eat his lunch and seemed angry at someone, or perhaps the whole world, in general.

I let him know I was there and went to put my things away in his room. As I was walking away, I saw him lean towards the resident sitting next to him and say, "Mame {my Mother's nickname}, did you hear that? Cindy's here."

It made me smile and tear up at the same time.

But then, when I got back to his table and tried to encourage him to eat "just one more bite", he pushed me away and said, "I'll crush you right into the ground if you don't leave me alone." I believe he thought I was one of the aides at that point, but still, it stung a little bit. (And yes, I know "it's the disease talking, not him." Still, when it's *your* loved one, it stings.Trust me on that.)

I managed to get him to settle down and by the end of my visit that afternoon he was in a much better place. Even ate part of his lunch, though reluctantly. They tell me he ate a large breakfast, plus insisted on a snack and chocolate milk before lunch, so I'm guessing he just wasn't hungry.

When I left, I told him I'd see him soon.

"I sure hope so," he said.

"Wear your new hat, okay?" I said.

"We'll see if we can put that on the agenda," he said.

Any day you can leave laughing is a good day.

Nanook of the North, trying to  get warm.

Will he or won't he? He looks quite
dapper, though, doesn't he?


  1. I have had harsh words from my Mom too. Most though are not. I understand.


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