Sunday, August 24, 2014

Even on a bad day he makes us smile ❤

I'm a couple days late posting this. When I was in to see Dad last
Thursday he wasn't having a good day. He was agitated and worrying about things that were real only in his mind. It's hard to help when you don't know what it is you're fighting.

Our good friend, Mary, was there visiting Dad when I arrived so she sat on one side of him and I sat on the other. At one point, another resident's daughter came by and asked Dad how he was doing. "And look at you, Harold," she said, "You're surrounded by good looking women."

"I know," Dad  said, grinning for the first time all day. "I think I won the lottery."

Dad and family friend, Mary


  1. This marathon journey with Alzheimer's is filled with little moments I don't want to forget either...thanks for sharing this one...

  2. Stumbled in onto your blog, Bless You for the love and care you give your dad. A gentle hug to you.


Thank you for sharing this journey with us.