Saturday, February 8, 2014

What it must feel like to be a parent

To me, Dad is looking a bit gaunt and pale, but nobody else seems to see it. Perhaps I'm just being overprotective, given what he went through recently at the ER. It worries me, though.

During this visit, he couldn't get warm enough, so we piled on the jacket and a blanket. This being cold *is* very normal for Dad. He's always cold. But I worry that perhaps he's also getting sick.

Do I seem to be worrying a lot? I think I am. Events like what happened on 1/21, when Dad was sent to the ER and family wasn't notified, remind me once again of how fragile our seniors are, and how dependent they (and their families) are on others to take care of them.

This must be what it feels like to be a parent.

With the lack of federal oversight on personal care homes, it doesn't seem to me that the states are doing a good job of taking care of our elderly, especially those with advanced forms of dementia. I hope that this starts to change soon, before the millions of baby boomers who will suffer from dementia start requiring care.