Sunday, April 20, 2014

More, please?

My visit with Dad on Good Friday was really special. He was feeling good, his appetite was good, and he was very social. We had a lovely visit. Once again, though, he was cold. We had him bundled up with his hat on. He won't stop fidgeting with the hat, so it slowly works its way off his head. Ah well, the best laid plans....

One of the aides told me that the day before, Dad emerged from his room (which is right off of the dining area) and announced to the world, "I feel sexy!" One of the aides assured him that he was, indeed, looking good, lol. He does look awful cute in this photo, doesn't he? *big grin*

It's been a long while since Dad took any pleasure in his old standby: chocolate. He made up for it on Good Friday. He ate a package of Tastykakes (a long-time love of his) with, of course, chocolate milk. Must be the Easter bunny's influence. :)

P.S. Yes, he's got a bit of a shiner. I think he liked mine so much he got one for himself. Not sure how he got it. Memory Care staff thinks it's because he's been rubbing his eye, but that doesn't seem likely from the looks of it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Phone Calls, Pizza, and Music: a Good Day

Friday was pizza day in Memory Care. Dad surprised us by eating four slices of pizza, something he hasn't done in a very long time.

Just after eating, Dad was surprised by a phone call from his brother, John. The smile on his face was priceless.

Sis and I also took Dad his new iPod Shuffle and a new set of earphones. I had loaded up the Shuffle with a lot of Dad's favorite songs. We're hoping this will help the aides calm Dad down on those days when he is agitated and hyper.

We tried it out on him, and he seemed okay with it. I think there was just too much going on around us for him to concentrate. Plus, we were there so all he wanted to do was talk to us. :)

As time goes on, we'll see how he does with it. We've got our fingers crossed.